In store plastic dump bins and wire dump bins

Dump bins are an ideal way to bring attention to new products and promotions. Easy to assemble and of lightweight construction, dump bins are easy to man oeuvre making them ideal to target specific areas in store.

Both products are of a collapsible design allowing for easy storage when not in use. Extremely easy to construct with no tools required.

Used to encourage extra sales from your customers with impulse buys, They are ideal to position in high traffic areas.

Additional graphics further enhance this in store point of sale product, turning it into an all year round promotional tool with seasonal graphics available.

Both styles accommodate showcase stands or POS attachments to further improving promotion of your products.


Plastic Dump Bins

Plastic dump bins are the perfect product to use all year round. With the ability to have interchangeable graphics these dump bins are not only for impulse buying but are ideal for seasonal promotions too.

An optional bus card stand is available to enhance promotional visibility of your products.

Supplied in four different colours: Red, Green, Black and Blue

Can be used either as a stand alone product or grouped together for larger promotions.

By using the available shape formers changing the shape into a hexagon, rectangle or triangle is simple to do.

Changing the shape is ideal for placing in tight spaces.

Plastic Mul-T-Bin panels arrive fully assembled.

Wire Dump Bins

Wire dump bins are of a collapsible design allowing for easy storage when they are no longer required.

With a chrome plated wire construction, these are a strong rigid product allowing for a wide variety of products to be displayed.

Spring clip A4 holders are also available to enhance impulse purchases.

With an adjustable internal shelf, a variety of heights will allow a total stock depth of 600mm.

Show card Stands

Show card stands are an ideal way to enhance floor standing products.

With a variety of display card insert of various colours and designs, show card stands make your in store promotions really stand out.

Consisting of a sturdy base, telescopic pole and inter changeable frames in both A3 and A4 size, Show card stands are easy to assemble.

An optional metal base plate is available with A3 display frames.

Lightweight but sturdy construction allows easy positioning in high traffic areas, making this one of the most high impact point of sale display enhancements.