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Apply For A Business Credit Account

We are pleased to offer your business the flexibility of a credit account option. Once set up this will enable you to place orders on our website or by telephone which we will then invoice you for on 30 day terms. 

Terms of credit differ for each business as will your credit limit. We will require a number of details so that we can run some checks before we enable your account and this will then be linked to your online account. You will always still have the option to pay online at the point of order, but a credit account gives you the best flexibility.

1. Create An Online Account

Create an account on our website. Please make sure you complete all fields and use the email address that you wish to associate to your credit account. 

2. Complete Your Credit Account Application

Complete your credit account application using our simple PDF. You can edit this and print off and send it to sales@concept-data.com

3. Link Your Email Address To The Account

Make sure you include the email address of your Online Account on your credit account application. We will then be able to link the credit account to your online account.

4. Company & Credit Check

As part of our process, we will then confirm all the information you have provided and run a corporate credit check via Experian.

5. Credit Account Approval

Once approved, our sales team will then email the account email address to confirm the account has been set up together with the credit limit. If we have any questions before this we'll get in touch directly.

6. Place Your Order Online

You're then good to go! You can order online and place orders using your credit account up to your credit limit. Should you wish to place orders of a value in excess of your limit, please contact us to discuss with our team.