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Curve Front Scoop Bin


Scoop Bins are an easy eay for customers to serve themselves. The self-serve scoop dispenser are suitable for all kinds of dry products and are the ideal merchandising solution for “hard to flow” products like an individually wrapped sweets, sticky confectionery, pet foods and large pasta shapes other products. Each bin has two opening lids, the hinged door at the front is designed for customer entry and the second double-hinged lid is for restocking the bin. Both opening doors close tightly to retain freshness. Scoop bins are made from polycarbonate materials which is 35x stronger than acrylic and it doesn't stain, crack or peel. Suitable for existing shelving or with eye-catching custom made units, they are space efficient and 100% modular. Supplied with 12 months warranty.

Size:    12L    200mm W x 250mm H x 330mm D

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Volume 12L